2021 Summit for Life

Thu November 25 - Sun December 5, 2021
Anywhere, USA

The 2021 Summit for Life is entirely virtual and better than ever! Why? Because instead of the typical in-person race up Aspen Mountain for just one night in December, we are giving contestants TEN DAYS to complete their OWN CHOICE of vertical ascent. That's right! This year's Summit for Life event starts on November 26th and ends on December 6th, so you'll be sure to work off that Thanksgiving dinner in no time!

Forget about bad weather and cold temps! As a 2020 Summit for Life participant, you get to decide how you want to virtually "summit" Aspen or Buttermilk Mountain, anywhere and anytime: whether it's hiking up a hill, using the stair-master, running at an incline on the treadmill, uphilling on your local ski mountain (*cough cough* looking at you, Aspen)—the possibilities are endless! Climb the 3,267-vertical-foot or 1,683-vertical foot ascent at your own pace and on your own time: in the morning, after work, over the weekend—as long as you log the feet (or meters), it's completely up to you!

You're probably asking "how do I reach 3,267 or 1,683-vertical foot when I don't have mountains in my backyard?" Time to think outside the box! You can climb stairs, flights of stairs, or even dust off that old stair climber in the corner of your gym. The equivalent of Aspen Mountain's 3,267-vertical-foot ascent is 5,600 steps or 273 flights of stairs. Buttermilk Mountain's 1,683-vertical-foot is 2,885 steps or 140 flights. We cannot wait to see how you accumulate the vertical challenge. 

Pro tip: you don't have to run or walk each day (phew!), you just have to finish the total vertical ascent in ten days. You'll be able to log your feet/meters, track your progress, and check the leaderboard daily. We'll also be sharing the best photos that you guys post on social media, so wear something fun, snap a pic or take a video, tag us and give a shoutout to CKF and organ donation!

Did we mention? You can also register with your buddies as a team! If you belong to a gym, work for a company, volunteer with an organization...you name it. Get a group together, pick a team name, and start climbing to raise awareness for organ, eye, and tissue donation!

Go above and beyond (literally!) with our 2020 Summit for Life Vertical Challenge! If 3,267 vertical feet seems like a walk in the park (and not a race up a mountain), then keep going! Compete against your friends and other teams on the leaderboard to see who can climb the most vertical feet in ten days. The first-place winner will receive a special prize.

All registered participants will receive a commemorative 2020 Summit for Life T-shirt and neck buff with their registration. Those that fundraise get entered into the giveaway! If you're local, we will be hosting a pickup location for your swag at the Red Brick Center for the Arts. If you're not local, we'll be shipping your items to you. Just let us know what you prefer when you sign up! Registration ends on December 6th at 8 PM MDT.

Race Contact Info
If you have any questions about this race, please contact the race director at

All fundraising, donations, and net proceeds will go to benefit the Chris Klug Foundation!

The Chris Klug Foundation advocates for organ, eye, and tissue donation by educating others on its importance, inspiring those touched by donation and registering more organ donors nationwide.

As a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in the tiny town of Aspen, Colorado, we definitely have our work cut out for us. But it's through the awesome enthusiasm and kindness of our supporters that we thrive (17 years strong, baby!) and accomplish our goals. Right now in the United States, approximately 110,000 people are awaiting a lifesaving transplant, with another name added every 10 minutes. On average, 20 people die each day from a lack of available organs for transplant. Although 95% of Americans support organ donation, only 54% are registered as organ donors. We want to change this. We want to eliminate the wait for a second chance at life through registering, educating, and inspiring more people nationwide. Your tax-deductible donation will help us accomplish this goal and save lives.


Registration is $25 with a minimum fundraising goal of $25. But...if you fundraise more than the minimum, guess what? Your name gets entered for a chance to win a SUPER awesome prize in our Summit for Life prize giveaway! On top of that, each time you fundraise $25 over $100, your name gets re-entered into the giveaway! Say whaaat? That means the more you fundraise, the higher chances you have of scoring a prize! (Ex: if you fundraise $300, your name gets added to the pool EIGHT times!) Your registration fee gets refunded when you fundraise $200. Boom. Oh yeah. Move over fundraising minimum, 'cause you've got competition.

However, anyone who registered but does not reach the fundraising minimum by December 13th will be charged the remaining funds. This also applies to those who register and do not participate.

All 2020 Summit for Life fundraising goes towards the Chris Klug Foundation. We are extremely grateful for all the efforts you put into fundraising for our organization. We may be small, but we are mighty and your support gives us that strength. To learn more about where these donations go, visit https://chrisklugfoundation.org/financials.

Tips for Fundraising

Hey, as a nonprofit, we get it. Asking for money is hard. That's why we're sharing some of our best tips and tricks for successful fundraising:

  1. Set a fundraising goal on paper, but also set internal fundraising goals based around certain timeframes (e.g., raise $100 by the end of the first week, raise $250 by the end of the 10 days, etc.).
  2. Peel the fundraising onion! Think of your fundraising strategy like you're peeling the layers from an onion: start with asking your closest friends and family to donate and work your way outwards to coworkers, mutual friends, etc.
  3. Use social media. It's easy to donate with the click of a button. And it also gives potential donors the chance to do a bit more research on what Summit for Life is and where their donation is going. *Pro tip: studies show that the closer you are to reaching your fundraising goal, the more likely people are to donate. They see you're almost there and they wanna help you out!
  4. Don't be boring! People can tell when you're being forced or inauthentic. You're doing the event for a reason—think of that reason when you're asking for donations and your request will be way more genuine. Just be yourself!
  5. Show some love! Follow up with the people who donated and say thanks. When you show your appreciation and make it personal, it shows them that their contribution was significant and meaningful.

The most important thing to remember is that fundraising is all about helping others connect an existing passion of theirs directly to your cause.


Please thank the fantastic companies and local businesses who have donated to our giveaway. Check out some of the prizes you can win for fundraising over the minimum of $25!

Aspen AceHardware      

...And many more! If you are interested in donating a giveaway item, please email us at info@chrisklugfoundation.org.


For the Summit for Life races, prizes will be awarded to the fastest participant in 5 categories:

  • Top Male
  • Top Female
  • Top Team
  • Top Child (12 or under)
  • Top Senior (70 or older)

For the Summit for Life Vertical Challenge, prizes will be awarded to the participant with the most distance covered (ties will be broken by time) in 3 categories:

  • Top Male
  • Top Female
  • Top Team

Prizes will be shipped to winners and team members individually post-race.

DJ Dylan curated a few playlists for us, please enjoy


Do I have to be in/from CO to do this event?
No, you do not have to be in or from CO to do this event. Anyone can participate, no matter where you live!

How do I record my vertical ascent?
You can record your vertical ascent in feet or meters using this link: https://runsignup.com/Race/RegistrationLookup/?raceId=98150&renderMode=results_mode. You can do it daily or you can do it at the end of the ten days. Whatever works for you!

Do I have to run/walk up an actual mountain, hill, slope, etc.?
No! You can run or walk up flights of stairs at your house, on the stair-master, at an incline on the treadmill—any way you can get those vertical feet or meters!

If you are uphilling on Aspen or Buttermilk Mountain, please review  Aspen Mtn Uphill Policy & Buttermilk Uphill Policy

Does my vertical ascent count before November 26th?
No, the only feet/meters that count are the ones you complete between November 26th to December 6th! Results must be in by 1:00 pm MST on December 6th! 

Can I run/walk multiple times a day as part of my vertical ascent? 
Yes, dividing up your vertical ascent several times a day counts too!

Common Troubleshooting Questions for Recording Vertical Ascent

I need to record a second race entry towards my total vertical ascent, but I keep submitting it and my first entry disappears. How do I fix it?
In this example, you are overwriting your first race entry. Instead, keep the data the same for the first entry and click 'Add Another Activity' in order to add your second entry. You will continue to do this every time you add another entry.

I got my link, but I'm confused on how to log my vertical ascent.
Use the 'Participant Lookup' page to look up your race registration: https://runsignup.com/Race/RegistrationLookup/?raceId=98150&renderMode=results_mode.

I did not get my link. How do I log my vertical ascent?
Some email servers block our emails to you. If you do not have your daily link, you can use this link: https://runsignup.com/Race/RegistrationLookup/?raceId=98150&renderMode=results_mode. Keep in mind, you MUST BE LOGGED INTO THE RUNSIGNUP ACCOUNT THAT YOU USED TO REGISTER FOR THE RACE BEFORE YOU DO ANY OF THE STEPS IN THE VIDEO. (You can now also log your vertical ascent using your email or phone number without being logged in).

When I search my name, it does not come up to enter virtual results or it says I don't have permission?
You must be logged into the same RunSignup account that you registered with.

I don't see the date when I try to log my results. Why not?
Once you get to the 'Results' page, you must click 'Add Another Activity'. You must do this every time you log a new activity. The time and distance on the right is the total time and distance of your vertical ascent. This will be added automatically to your total vertical ascent and percentage completed.

I completed another section of my vertical ascent today. How do I enter a second entry of results?
On the 'Results' page, choose 'Add Another Activity'. DO NOT OVERWRITE THE PREVIOUS ACTIVITY OR IT WILL DISAPPEAR. Each time you complete a section of your vertical ascent, you must click 'Add Another Activity'. For example, if you completed a portion of your ascent once per day over 4 days, you will see all 4 activities in the 'Submit Results' page at the end of your ascent.

I made a mistake on entering my results. How do I change it?
You can go in and overwrite the mistake. Do not re-enter it again correctly. You must overwrite the incorrect data.

I entered my results, but I don't see them in the listing.
The results may take a few minutes to update after they are entered.

Someone else registered me under their account. How do I move my registration to my own account?
Here is a link to an article that will explain how to move a sub-account over to another user. Follow the section titled: "Transfer Sub-Account To Another Existing Account": https://help.runsignup.com/support/solutions/articles/17000062878-access-manage-a-sub-account.

I am listed as anonymous in the results. Why? 
When you create an account, you have an option to be listed as anonymous in the results. If you do not want this, go into your RunSignup profile and click 'Edit Profile'. You will see a checkbox at the bottom that you must UNCHECK to be listed publicly.

If you have any additional questions, please contact info@chrisklugfoundation.org.

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Additional race information can be found at http://www.summitforlife.com.


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